HMNTY was founded on the idea that business can be used for good in the world and empower all of humanity to thrive. HMNTY was founded by Jobelle Gacuya and has been evolving since 2014. Traveling around the world Jobelle saw first hand the extreme gap between rich and poor, she saw an opportunity to empower and uplift artisans and farmers who live below the poverty line and help them become sustainable entrepreneurs. In 2014 she started a company called Ameur Amor Inc. helping artisans sell their product through an online marketplace. Since then it has evolved to HMNTY.

We found that most brands that “gave back” or “did good” were only talking to one type of audience, their products did not fit our vibe , and we still cannot relate with the social impact culture that exists. Inspired by hip hop culture, soul, funk, reggae music, and anything that hits our soul we realized that there needed to be a brand that spoke to the people to reach a bigger audience to create bigger impact.  We realized that there is not really a social impact brand or company that caters to a more diverse crowd. HMNTY bridges the gap between the social impact world and street culture.

HMNTY is a movement and platform to do good in the world for the people by the people. We are inspired by the good in humanity and believe that the fate of humanity and the planet are in the hands of the human race. Our mission is to change the culture of social impact and to make it accessible for everybody from all backgrounds to leave a mark and make a difference. We envision a world where nobody is left to die poor but have a chance to live and dream.