HMNTY Foundation Series 11.24.17

“You cannot fill from an empty cup”

The seeds have been planted, the roots have been growing, the foundation is building. We continue to move forward with our work of redistributing the wealth in the world. The foundation series allows us to introduce who we are as a company and our bigger vision, which is to create a sustainable business that supports and empowers all of humanity to thrive. With your support we are able to get closer to this vision.

The fate of the world is in the hands of the human race. Many people have the desire to change the world or have some kind of  impact, but often are too afraid to act, because it is an overwhelming task.  We took taken it upon ourselves to step up and actually do it and create the world we believe in.

We live in one of the most resourceful times in history. There is no reason people should continue to die in poverty. We believe that business can solve problems. Charity is a wonderful thing, but at the end of the day it is a band-aid fix for a much bigger problem. Charity has many limitations, you can only use the money one time, with a for profit business the money is continuous and when self sustaining the business can have more reach with the impact and good work that needs to be done in the world. We believe that social impact and sustainability should already be embedded in business.

HMNTY is designed to spread the wealth to the 3.2 billion people that live under $2 dollars a day along with everybody else. By supporting HMNTY you help us redistribute the wealth in the world.

To a dope humanity (for all)





Jobelle Gacuya