Why Does HMNTY Need To Exist? (Words by a few from the HMNTY Team)

By: Aileene Alfiler

I believe HMNTY needs to exist in order to bridge the gap between our divided societies.  We have a duty to remind humanity that nobody does anything alone on this planet.  Every person has a job, a meaning for life, a purpose that supports the entire world as a whole.  

HMNTY is more than your ordinary hustle. We are creating a movement to empower humanity.  

Investment, not charity. To teach rather than to give. 

“It is our job to remain awake to who people are, even when they have fallen asleep to who they are.  And in the presence of someone who remembers who they are, they are more likely to awaken from the dream of their forgetfulness.” –Marianne Williamson

By: Nick Power-Gomez 

HMNTY needs to exist, because the world is at a crucial turning point, where the masses need to come together and support each other to maintain and create  sustainable societies. There needs to be a balanced distribution of wealth to strengthen the infrastructures of our global economy and our societies. We can achieve this balance by supporting each other as entrepreneurs and investing in each others businesses.

We need to recognize that the people who create and sell products across the world should be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Businesses can encourage massive growth by thinking ethically about their impact on the societies they employ. People in impoverished situations can be empowered to raise themselves out of poverty and build up their communities with the right education and opportunities. The goal shouldn’t be to cut every corner to maximize profits, but to use products and business to make a profit and do good at the same time.   

This is about building a solid, lasting system, to better our global society, where people aren’t taken advantage of for labor and don’t become dependant on charity or aid to solve problems. I think HMNTY,  a sustainable business that generates profits, supports local economies, and creates ethical opportunities for people living in impoverished circumstances needs to exist, because the core of its business structure is at the forefront of a movement to bring economic balance and stability to our global economy.


Nick Powers-Gomez  




Jobelle Gacuya