HMNTY Feature: Joana Cruz aka "Love Speak"

We sat down with this beautiful human, Joana Cruz “Love Speak” to talk about how important it is to spread love in the world everyday. She is a mother, a lover, a healer, a friend to all, and much more. We spotlighted her today for #movementmonday because she is the perfect example of unconditional love, empathy, and compassion. She makes spreading love to others a part of her daily life and existence by simply always treating others with kindness, like family, being a person who cares even to strangers, and always representing love and light to the world. This is important to us because we believe that small acts of kindness or love to people is just as big of an impact as anything else. We can all make an impact and change in the world and it starts with how we treat each other. She inspires us because it doesn’t matter who it is she will always bring the same amount of love to the table for anyone and everyone. #spreadlove