HMNTY Feature: Miguel "Mr.E" Escobedo

Miguel Escobedo aka “Dj Mr. E” is a Bay Area Legend who is always leading by example, treating people with kindness, and always there for anyone who needs help. We spotlighted him for this weeks #MovementMondays because he inspires us on a daily basis and he best represents what it takes to make local and global impact just by taking small everyday action while still being true to who you are. Whenever he can he always finds away to give back to the community in whatever way whether it be getting a group together to make 300+ burritos for homeless people, organizing community events that brings awareness to social issues that are going on in the world, or organizing a space and outlet for people in the community to give back to natural disasters or fires that happen locally to bring basic essentials to people who have been affected by an earthquake, fire, floods, and etc. He takes action to do what he can and makes an effort to create an impact in people’s lives to continuously uplift others around him. Check him out and show him some love Miguel Escobedo Al Pastor Papi