Business For Good

We believe business can be used for good and that it can ultimately solve the worlds biggest problems. HMNTY is designed to continuously create impact in the world, where "doing good" is embedded in the structure of our business. We focus on alleviating global poverty through economic empowerment and NOT charity. 

Every product we sell and create support entrepreneurs around the block and around the globe. We employ local businesses to create products for our Foundation Series. We cultivate entrepreneurs around the world who live in impoverished communities and make less than $2 dollars a day.

We see these brilliant artisans and farmers as entrepreneurs and help them create self sustaining businesses. We give them access to the global market where their products have greater opportunity to succeed and flourish.  Through this, we help create a sustainable way for these entrepreneurs to build their livelihoods, communities and countries. 

Redistribute The Wealth

HMNTY is designed to spread wealth to the 3.6 billion people that live in extreme poverty throughout the world.

Today, a majority of the world's wealth is in the hands of 8 peopleIf we continue on this path we are headed for a disastrous outcome, where 1 or 2 individuals will control an overwhelming share of wealth throughout the world.

HMNTY is taking action so the future will have a balance of wealth and the extreme gap between the rich and the poor will be diminished.